Oh Where Shall We Get Married?


Two very important decisions about your wedding day are where you will get married and who will cater the wedding?

Both decisions depend on what you really want from the wedding? What is most important?  One thing to keep in mind is that a wedding is a party, a special kind of party but, bottom line, a party. You want to have fun and you want your guests to have fun. When choosing a location, think about what you would like to do at this very special party.  Is it dancing?  Is it the food?  Do you like edgy, creative parties or a relaxed, kick back party?

When looking at potential wedding sites start with the basics.  Is there parking?  If food is important to you, is there adequate kitchen space?  Is there good access for catering staff?  Are there restrictions on music or the length of the party? Look for hidden costs.  One example: does the wedding site have tables and chairs or will you have to rent them?  Rentals can add considerably to the cost. The future bride and groom should discuss all these things well before choosing a site.

Finally, don’t forget that it’s about having fun. Sure, there will be things that go wrong. There is rarely any sort of party that comes across exactly as planned. Don’t let those mistakes spoil the day for you.

©2012 Ron Scherl

©2012 Ron Scherl