Sometimes You Just Want a Pork Bun

The Chef and I were running errands. Don’t remember just what, but we finished on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond, one of my favorite streets in San Francisco. There was the question of lunch. There were dozens of places within a few blocks but after a moment’s thought The Chef said she was too busy for a proper lunch.  A proper lunch features at least one bottle of wine. After all, I am the Wine Guy and I have certain standards.

“We could pick up a Vietnamese sandwich,” I suggested.

“I was thinking pork bun,” the Chef said.

“Wing Fat. It’s in the next block.”

“If there’s parking,” the Chef said.

She has been known to make excellent lunch or dinner choices based on parking, so I was OK with that.

And there was parking.  The Chef had a call to make so I did the food run while she womaned the phone in the car.  Two steamed pork buns, two black bean moon cakes, napkins.

Back in the car, the Chef said she had forgotten we needed a case of Picpoul, that lovely Languedoc white wine that I would be glad to lap up on a daily basis.  Bright, uplifted fruit, good acidity, wrap around favors. Terrific wine from a grape almost no one in California has ever heard of.

“We have to go to the Wine Trading Company on Taraval. They have a good one there, the Florensca—Grape Expectations imports it and it’s  under $10.”

I suggested we cut through Golden Gate Park, find a bench in the sun and lunch in style.  How many millions of people would like lunch in Golden Gate Park?

We moused through the park and with her usual uncanny rock star parking touch the Chef found a spot near a sunshiny bench behind he De Young Museum.  There was water in the car—what, no wine?—so we were set.

The pork buns were delicious, as always.  The Chef found the moon cakes a little too much like stale fig newtons. I didn’t agree and ate her moon cake as well as mine.

We were joined half through lunch by a charming squirrel who enjoyed a few bits of the moon cake I offered.

It was a lovely lunch.

Wing Fat Bakery is at 503 Clement Street, San Francisco. The San Francisco Wine Trading Company is at 250 Taraval Street, San Francisco.