A Cookie and a Glass of Rosé

There is a small bakery/café in San Francisco where I sometimes make a stop during a walkabout. It’s called Heartbaker and I’m told most everything there is a treat.

I always have a glass of rosé and a chocolate chip cookie. Well, sometimes two glasses of rosé but never more than one cookie. Mostly.

When you think about it, a cookie and a rosé seems to be a perfect match. That’s the great thing about rosé. It can be a mid-afternoon indulgence while reading a few pages or quietly people watching in a small café. Not just any rosé, mind you. It has to be a serious rosé that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A rosé with a light touch yet lingering on the palate.

My choice at Heartbaker is the Broadbent Vinho Verde. Portugal, of course. It is an elegant wine with bright and intense fruit that dances in your mouth. Finishes clean and lively with that pleasing hint of fizz that is typically vinho verde.

It is imported by Broadbent Selections. You will have to source your own cookie.

(Note: The title is an echo of the wonderful Elizabeth David book, An Omelet and a Glass of Wine. The book is from the day when food writing was seriously good)
—Larry Walker, The Wine Chap

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